Eight ways that Destination Clic changed my life

1.    Living on my own
I expected to attend classes, workshops, and activities. However, I did not expect to do my own laundry, cook, empty my own trash, and clean my own apartment! It was my first time away from home, and although I missed home at first, I really enjoyed the freedom and living like a grown-up!

2.    How much my confidence would grow
I used to be shy in general. At Destination Clic, we were continually encouraged to step out of our comfort zone. I gained confidence in myself generally. I blossomed like a flower in the sunshine!

3.    Making friends from around the world
I knew that Destination Clic was a program funded by Canadian Heritage for Canadian citizens and permanent residents. I expected to meet many fellow francophone Canadians, but I ended up making francophone friends from around the world! Now I can travel to other countries and have friends to visit there!

4.    How much it would change my future
Through Destination Clic, I learned not only a new culture, but about health issues as well (from the many debates and workshops I signed up for) and have since changed my major from economics to health studies. For me, Destination Clic was not only three weeks of adventure and fun, but also a starting point for many more opportunities to come!

5.    How annoying my family and friends would find me
I can’t stop talking about Destination Clic! All my sentences start with “One time, at Destination Clic…” I’m having major Destination Clic withdrawal symptoms!

6.    How it would turn out to be the hardest thing I’d ever done
Not only was leaving home to go to Destination Clic very hard, but leaving Destination Clic was even harder!

7.    How supportive everyone was
The teachers, monitors, staff, and your peers all really want you to succeed!

8.    How much Destination Clic would change me
Through Destination Clic, I was able to reinvent myself and discover a part of me that I never knew existed. I found out a lot about my own personality. I was able to “be someone else” and try new things. Since I came back, my parents have told me I’ve gained 10 years in maturity!

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